ICF blocks are the highest quality and also the most robust block on the market today. ICF blocks were designed to be extremely strong and to minimize installation labor by eliminating steps needed by other ICF products. The high quality and robustness is achieved by combining one of the best insulating materials, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), with one of the strongest structural building materials, steel reinforced concrete. The result is unmatched energy efficiency, strength and noise reduction.

The ICF forms are made of two panels of EPS material connected together with high-density plastic webbing. The EPS panels act as a form to hold the concrete during the pouring and curing processes. After the concrete has cured, the EPS panels act as insulation. The high density plastic webs also have multiple functions. They hold the EPS panels in place during the pouring of concrete and they provide a resting surface for the steel used to reinforce the concrete. Lastly, they provide a 1 1/2 inch wide fastening surface every six inches on center for the attachment of interior and exterior finishes, such as dry wall or exterior siding. The cured ICF blocks can be finished on both the interior and exterior in the same manner as a stick framed structure. Owners of homes built with an ICF Building System enjoy substantial energy savings. ICF walls have a relatively high R-value (R-25) and the concrete in the walls acts as a “thermal mass”, holding an almost constant temperature, giving you the same comfort as an R-50 stick build home. The walls of your home will “radiate” this temperature to the interior, helping to keep your home a constant temperature. Because the concrete walls are made of continuous solid concrete, there is virtually no draft through the walls, which is a common problem of stick built framing.

We believe our building form system to be the finest available on the market today. We deliver a simplified approach to a superior finished product with our quality, design, pricing, distribution and support.