About Us


With 30 years of construction experience, Frank Turkdal became a full time construction business owner in 2002.

Our name is long, to cover most of what Frank is capable of building: Frank’s Insulated Concrete Forms and Building Systems, Inc. Over the years it has been shortened to Frank’s ICFs and Build with Frank.

Originally Specializing in Insulated Concrete Form Home Construction, mainly building Super Energy Efficient ICF Homes & Foundations, Frank was called upon for building several foundation/basements for regular Stick Built or Modular Homes.

Frank Turkdal is a “hands on” Contractor, working every aspect of your project from start to finish. He is involved with his customers to help them with development and advising them throughout every stage of their plans.

Frank’s Insulated Concrete Forms & Building Systems, Inc. is a distributor and installer/builder of AMVIC Insulated Concrete Forms.

Frank is able to build with any ICF block and will do so per client request.

Frank has also built regular stick built homes and again, will do as the client wishes, whether they want a turnkey project or just the shell of their new home.

Also, we will work as a Subcontractor for the client’s General Contractor.

As the years have gone by, Frank’s Insulated Concrete Forms and Building Systems, Inc. has acquired multiple building equipment vehicles.

A Dump Truck, a Skid Steer, a Backhoe, a Tractor along with trailers to move the equipment from place to place have made it possible for Frank to extend his business offerings to Sidewalks, Roofing, Siding, Decking, Porches, Patios, Trenching, Stump Removal, Land Clearing, Foundations, Additions and Garages.

Frank’s Insulated Concrete Forms & Building Systems, Inc.  participates with the Pocono Home Builders Association and Lehigh Valley Builders Association Home Shows each Spring.

Our services include sales of ICF building products, residential construction & remodeling, mid sized excavation and assisting our clients as long as they need us.

Frank’s ICFs & Building Systems, Inc. is fully insured and will provide references upon request.

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