Take a few moments to learn about the modern Insulated Concrete Form Method of building foundations, homes, additions, garages and commercial buildings. Insulated Concrete Forms (commonly called ICF) are lightweight building blocks that are made of Styrofoam with sturdy specially formulated plastic webbing embedded between the two sides of the block to strengthen the block and support rebar that is inserted throughout the block walls. Concrete is then pumped into the open cavity.

The result is a Rebar Reinforced Solid Concrete Insulated Ready to Finish Wall! Plastic webbing is specifically spaced in the ICF, creating a studding system, to quicken the installation of drywall or other interior applications. With this studding/strapping system, the exterior is also ready to accept your choice of outside finishes - brick, stucco, vinyl siding, etc.. An ICF project will save you time with reduced labor hours, and money with lower energy bills. Continue reading on this site for other important consumer benefits of ICF construction.

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ICFs are available in a variety of sizes for various types of construction. The blocks can also be used in creating interesting architecture - rounded walls or 45 degree angled wall sections for example.

ICFs have numerous benefits including: Energy Efficiency, Fire Resistance, Bug Resistance, Sound Resistance, Storm & Wind Resistance, Reduced Construction Waste and Green Technology. Amvic walls also stop dust, pollen and projectiles from entering your home.

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